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Rhode Island Solar Financing Options

Rhode Island Solar Financing Options

Real Goods Solar is an expert solar PV system designer and installer for budgets of all kinds and sizes. Since Rhode Island solar financing options are limited to purchasing only, we have focused on making Rhode Island solar panel installation purchases as affordable as possible.

Owning Solar Power in Rhode Island

There’s no doubt about it – a solar system purchase will give you the most savings on electricity in the long run. After a system has paid itself off with electricity savings, it will keep churning out clean, quiet, reliable electricity for free. Contrast that with the cost of utility power and its rate hikes and it’s a no-brainer!

Aside from big savings, solar panels will add value to your home, reduce greenhouse gasses, and promote green jobs and the clean energy economy. And they pretty much take care of themselves after they’re installed. Get a free in-home or online solar installation quote and consultation today to find out if home solar power makes sense for you.