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New Jersey Solar Financing Options

New Jersey Solar Financing Options

While its solar market is one of the world’s fastest-growing, New Jersey’s solar rebates and incentives are not built around reducing the initial cost of system installation. Instead, New Jersey solar energy systems generate performance-based credits called SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) that utility companies buy from system owners. New Jersey SRECs can easily provide over $10,000 in rebate money even for small systems, but those rebates are not realized until months after system installation.

$0 Down Solar in New Jersey With a Power Purchase Agreement

Instead of owning, the option of a zero down solar PPA in New Jersey makes more sense for many families. A solar PPA (power purchase agreement) allows homeowners to get solar power in New Jersey for as little as no cost. Instead of buying the panels, you buy the power they generate, and because we own and maintain the system, we keep its SREC-generated money and use it to get your payment as low as possible. We call this the PowerSavings Plan™, and qualified customers can get started with it for as little as $0 down.

New Jersey solar financing options include a zero down solar PPAThe PowerSavings Plan provides you with a low, fixed electricity rate for 20 years, so every time utility power rates rise, you’ll save even more. Your bill will be smaller and more predictable and you’ll feel great about using renewable energy in New Jersey without having to make a large financial investment. It’s the simplest, most affordable solar out there!