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New Jersey Solar Installation

New Jersey solar installation

New Jersey Solar Installation

New Jersey is often considered the king of commercial solar installations in the U.S., but thanks to ambitious state-mandated renewable energy goals for its largest electrical utilities, the New Jersey solar market for homeowners is thriving as well.

A New Jersey solar installation will generate one solar renewable energy credit (SREC) for every thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity it produces, and utility companies pay the system’s owner for these credits through a state-sponsored online marketplace. This simple market-based approach is encouraging more and more solar growth, and can plug you into big savings on your electricity.

New Jersey Solar Financing

The New Jersey SREC market provides outstanding returns to families who can afford to purchase and own a home solar system. But that’s not everyone, so Real Goods Solar also provides homeowners with a variety of other solar financing options, including solar leases and zero down solar in New Jersey with our PowerSavings Plan™!

New Jersey Solar Energy News

On July 23, 2012, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a bill into law that will help the state’s solar energy industry continue to grow. NJ is already the second largest solar market in the U.S. – in fact, the state’s solar climate is so favorable that New Jersey solar installations and investments are outpacing demand. The new bill pushes up by four years the solar pv portion of the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, increasing the demand for solar projects so New Jersey can meet its solar energy goals earlier than previously planned.

New Jersey now has more commercial solar installations per square mile than any other state, and is considered by some analysts to be the world’s most stable solar market.

Solar PPA customers in Union County, NJPeter and Carol of Union County started saving with a low-down New Jersey solar PPA from Real Goods Solar.

From the design to the structural review to the installation, everything ran really smoothly with this project. It was less than 12 weeks from contract signing to installation. The family is looking forward to watching their meter roll backwards and smaller utility bills.

Word of Mouth


“Based on the cost of energy now, the estimated savings for us over the next 20 years is potentially $20,000. And we don’t have to pay for any of the maintenance on the system!”

David + Tracy
Essex County, NJ

“Each month when I write the check (to the utility) I will feel so much better – maybe I’ll go shopping instead.”

Somerset County, NJ

“When (Real Goods Solar) came in and showed us that we could have the system paid off in four years, it was a no brainer. ‘My only regret is that I didn’t do this 10 years ago!”

Jack C.
Somerset County, NJ

Satisfied New Jersey Solar Customers


Wai W. – Bergen County, NJ Eric J. – Middlesex County, NJ David+Tracy – Essex County, NJ

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