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New Hampshire Solar Financing Options

New Hampshire Solar Financing

Currently, solar leases and power purchase agreements are not available in the Granite State, so customers interested in New Hampshire solar panel installation must purchase their systems. A system purchase can seem daunting at first, but it has some real advantages and the state’s rebate program is set up to help make the limited New Hampshire solar financing options simple and affordable.

Solar Power as an Investment

There are plenty of reasons New Hampshire residents find an investment in solar energy is better, safer and less risky than most stock, bond, and money market options.

  • Pay the lowest available electricity rates:
    Once your system has paid for itself with electricity savings, every kWh it produces is free! Averaged over 20 years, it’s the most cost-effective option.
  • Receive rebate money sooner and all at once:
    If you own the system, you own the rebates. The largest New Hampshire solar rebate is the PUC’s Renewable Energy Rebate Program, which is payable shortly after installation and provides up to $3,750 in cash.
  • Maintenance and repairs are almost nonexistent:
    One of the reasons solar power is so inexpensive is that the systems that produce it have no moving parts to grease or replace. Your inverter will need to be replaced in 10 years or so but other than that, wiping off the panels occasionally is probably all the attention you’ll need to spend on your system.
  • It’s an investment in the planet’s future too:
    Unlike almost anything in the stock market, an investment in solar energy benefits everyone by reducing air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gasses.