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New Hampshire Solar Installation

New Hampshire solar installation

New Hampshire Solar Installation

While New Hampshire solar financing options are limited, many of its towns offer a property tax exemption on newly installed renewable energy systems. This guarantees New Hampshire solar installations don’t burden homeowners with a single dollar of new property taxes from the increased home value they provide. In addition, many New Hampshire solar installations qualify for a large state refund and the 30% federal tax credit, so going solar can still be easy and affordable with the right approach.

New Hampshire Solar Energy News

The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has eliminated the wait list for its residential Renewable Energy Rebate Program and will begin accepting new applications, using funds for the 2013 fiscal year. Homeowners installing solar PV systems 5 kW and under can receive up to $3,750 in rebate money under the Program while the funds last, so residents interested in New Hampshire solar panel installation should act quickly to make sure they qualify for this and other New Hampshire solar rebates.

More New Hampshire Solar Installations

Nashua, New Hampshire - 5.4 kW A New Hampshire solar panel installation - 1.6 kW

Word of Mouth


“We are quite pleased with the performance of Alteris Renewables and our photovoltaic array.”

Don H.
Nashua, NH

“Individual actions toward the use of renewable clean energy sources are what will make a difference in energy independence and a healthy environment. It will take a critical mass of people moving in this direction for the effect to be significant. So I’m glad to support the effort. It’s nice to see the kilowatt meter spin backwards…”

Michael P.
North Sandwich, NH

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Deborah M. – Portsmouth, NH Mary R. – Canaan, NH Patrick M. – Campton, NH
Nancy C. – Epping, NH Jay P. – Peterborough, NH David B. – Loudon, NH
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Joseph M. – Manchester, NH Dan L. – Alstead, NH Don W. – Hudson, NH

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