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Missouri Solar Electricity Financing

Own Your Electricity in Missouri

Owning a home solar panel system reduces your electricity bills and adds equity to your home.When you go solar in Missouri, you’re making an investment in your home and a better way to bring electricity to it. Utility electric rates are volatile, spiking sharply based on the prices of fossil fuels. They can be expected to continue rising at least with inflation, and likely substantially more. How much has your kWh rate gone up over the years?

Purchasing a solar panel system insulates you from these rate hikes by providing free electricity from the sun – cleanly, silently, and reliably. It’s like buying your next 20+ years of power up front – not at today’s price, but below today’s price. You’ll start saving right away, and your savings increase over time. That’s the beauty of owning your electricity.

Because a solar system allows Missouri homeowners to pay less for electricity, it adds value to their homes. Studies have found that homes with solar sell quicker and at a premium over those without it, making it a home improvement that pays for itself in several ways.

  • Short-term ROI is realized through instant savings on electricity that increase with time.
  • Long-term ROI is achieved with increased home equity that is property tax-exempt.

So how much does this solar investment cost? Less than you might think. Get a free estimate with the form to the right to discover your savings!