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Stephen M. – Greenfield, MA

Going green in Greenfield

When Stephen decided to switch to solar power, Real Goods Solar was there to make it happen. Stephen was fortunate enough to be in a position to purchase his system, ensuring the shortest payback time for his investment. In several years, when Stephen’s solar electricity savings have covered the cost of his system, he’ll be getting free electricity from it for decades. Talk about a good investment!

Size 5.04 kW
Production 6,500 kWh/year
Solar panels SunTech 180W (28 panels)
Mounting Roof
Location Greenfield, MA
Online since 2010
System offsets:*

Annual Lifetime
Pounds of CO2 9,881 247,025
Miles driven 10,301 257,547
Trees planted 115 2,875


*Calculations based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator. System lifetime is assumed to be 25 years.