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Massachusetts Solar Financing Options

Massachusetts Solar Financing Options

Our Massachusetts solar financing options give homeowners a choice: do you want to pay cash for a solar PV system and let the savings from the lowest possible electricity rates pay it off over several years? Or do you want to avoid system ownership and reduce your rates by paying for solar power as a service with a lease or our PowerSavings Plan™?

We can help you decide which option you’ll benefit most from with a free solar quote and consultation from one of our solar professionals. No matter which option you pick, we’ll help make it as affordable as possible by filing for all your Massachusetts solar rebates and incentives for you.

Massachusetts’ Best Solar PPA

Our PowerSavings Plan is a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) that provides customers with cheaper, cleaner power than the utility. With this solar PPA, we install and own the solar panels on your roof, and you only pay for the power you use from them plus a small monthly fee. Your monthly electricity payment will be pegged to a new, lower amount for 20 years, so your rate will stay the same as utility rates continue to rise. You may even be able to get started with no money down. $0 down solar in Massachusetts is Real.

The $0 down PowerSavings Plan is one of many Massachusetts solar financing options we offer

The PowerSavings Plan:

  • Go solar for as little as $0 down
  • Save money on electricity right away
  • Lock in a low, 20-year electricity rate
  • We cover all maintenance and repairs
  • Help the environment without breaking the bank