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Connecticut Solar Financing Options

Connecticut Solar Financing Options

Real Goods Solar is now offering solar leases in Connecticut. It’s called the PowerSavings Plan™, and it gives homeowners a choice: do you want to purchase and own a solar power system or would you like to replace your electric bill with a lease payment for it? Both options have their advantages, and it’s often easiest to make the right decision with the help of one of our solar professionals and a free solar consultation.

Leasing vs. Owning a Home Solar System in Connecticut

  • Upfront investment:
    Leases are the only way to get $0 down solar in Connecticut. Even if you don’t qualify for zero down, you can still switch to solar with very little money upfront. Purchasing a system outright offers the best savings in the long run, but requires a large initial financial commitment.
  • Electricity rates:
    A lease effectively replaces your old electric bill with a new, lower, cleaner one and saves you money right away. But over 20 years, owning a system provides the lowest rates.
  • Maintenance:
    A 20-year solar lease includes all maintenance, insurance and repairs. While solar systems are extremely durable, those who own are responsible for any problems that do come up.
  • Solar rebates + incentives:
    Rebates for leased systems are worked into the monthly payment to make it as low as possible. But system owners directly receive all Connecticut solar rebates and incentives their system qualifies for.
  • Environmental benefits:
    Regardless of which Connecticut solar financing option is used, a solar power system generates pollution-free renewable energy that’s healthier for the environment and your community.

$0 down solar and other Connecticut solar finance options are available from Real Goods Solar