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Colorado Solar Financing

Colorado Solar Financing Options

Right now it’s easier than ever to pay less for better electricity in Colorado. Homeowners from Denver and Boulder to Grand Junction can now switch to cleaner, cheaper solar power without having to purchase a solar panel system. With a solar lease or power purchase agreement from Real Goods Solar, many homeowners can even qualify for $0 down solar in Colorado!

Colorado’s Best Solar PPA

The PowerSavings Plan™ is a solar PPA (power purchase agreement) that provides cleaner, cheaper power to Colorado homeowners for as little as $0 down. It’s easy to get started and enjoy these benefits:

  • Lower and fix your electricity rate
    Instead of purchasing solar panels, you only buy the power you draw from them.
  • Save more every year
    Utility rates are rising, but the PowerSavings Plan locks you in at a flat rate for 20 years.
  • Let us worry about the system
    Since we own it, we insure the portion of roof it’s on and provide all maintenance and repairs.
  • Don’t forfeit your rebates
    We use all available rebate and incentive money to keep your payment as low as possible.
Colorado solar financing options include $0 down solar

Leasing vs. Owning Solar Panels in Colorado

Colorado’s steady dose of high-altitude sunshine makes it a great place to use solar power. Aside from our PowerSavings Plan solar lease, we offer a system purchase option that allows customers to own and use their solar PV system for longer than the 20-year PPA agreement. Colorado solar rebates and incentives may help you decide that owning your solar panels is the way to go – after all, once they’re paid off, every Watt they generate is truly free electricity for you!

To discuss Colorado solar financing options, discover what will best suit your home and budget, or find out if you qualify for zero down solar, fill out the short form to the right for a free solar consultation today!