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California Solar Financing and Zero Down Solar

California Solar Financing and Zero Down Solar

The cost of solar PV equipment has come down substantially over the last decade, but it’s still a highly specialized technology and owning it isn’t affordable for everyone. That’s why Real Goods Solar offers additional solar energy financing options in California, starting with our PowerSavings Plan™ – the best choice for cheaper, cleaner power and zero down solar!

Zero Down Solar in California

The PowerSavings Plan is our solar PPA (power purchase agreement) and the most affordable way to go solar in California. Under a PPA like this, we install solar panels on your roof but you only pay for the power you use from them. It’s a low, fixed rate that keeps your electricity bill smaller and more predictable, and getting started doesn’t require a big down payment. In fact, some Californians qualify for zero down solar! And since we own the system, we’re responsible for any repairs. Now that’s simple solar.

California solar financing options include zero down solar
  • Switch to solar for as little as $0 down
  • Lock in your electricity rate for 20 years
  • Avoid rising electricity costs
  • Save money from day 1
  • It’s the simplest, most affordable way to go solar!

Solar Leases and System Purchases in California

Depending on your home, California solar energy rebates and incentives may make purchasing your solar panel system more desirable than the PowerSavings Plan, and we offer that option as well. Fill out a quick online form for a free solar quote and advice on how to best take advantage of solar power in California.