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Go Solar in San Diego and the Inland Empire

Go solar in San Diego and save!

Go Solar in San Diego!

Southern California is known for being one of the sunniest places in the country, and solar panels work extremely efficiently there. Don’t sacrifice the air conditioning this summer because of high electricity prices. Go solar in San Diego or the Inland Empire of Southern California and you’ll generate your own power for less. Plus, you’ll get the most power during the hottest part of the day.

Going solar in San Diego is seamless and hassle-free with our PowerSavings Plan™ – a solar PPA that lets you start using solar for as little as $0 down in California while reducing your electric bills from day one. Find out how easy it is to start saving with solar in the San Diego area with a free consultation today!

Our Murrieta office provides solar installation and service to Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. For other SoCal homeowners, we also provide options for going solar in Orange County and L.A.

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Satisfied San Diego + Inland Empire Customers


“The installation team was kind, cordial, did all the things they needed to do, and asked permission for everything. They were very professional. It was an excellent, top notch experience!”

John G.
San Diego County, CA

“We chose Real Goods Solar to install our Sharp solar panel system because they are simply the best. Their team is the most experienced, with the most technological know-how, and have the best understanding of the rebate programs for solar.”

Rhonda and Nigel
Escondido, CA

“Everything is running better than expected! We have been producing tons of electricity!! Our electric bill has finally gone negative.”

Robert B.
Murrieta, CA

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