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Jukka K. – Orange County, CA

A solar lease provides an escape route from rising electricity costs in Orange County

“From start to finish the process was smooth and we felt that we were taken care of. Plans for HOA, installation and start-up were handled very professionally.”

The inspiration for Jukka’s home solar installation at his residence in Orange County was the simple realization that the cost of electricity was continuing to rise year after year. The way he saw it, if there was a way to escape or offset the frequent energy rate hikes, there was no reason not to look into it. What he found was that solar power was not only affordable, but leasing solar panels would allow him to make the switch to solar without a big down payment.

Real Goods Solar specialist Sean Henry walked Jukka through the plan for the solar system’s installation and interconnection – even getting it approved by the neighborhood’s Homeowner’s Association – and before long, this Orange County home was generating its own power.

Size 3.33 kW
Production 4,690 kWh/year
Solar panels Suntech 190W (18 panels)
Mounting Roof
Location Trabuco Hills, CA
Online since 2011
System offsets:*

Annual Lifetime
Pounds of CO2 7,130 178,250
Miles driven 7,430 185,762
Trees planted 83 2,075


*Calculations based on EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator. System lifetime is assumed to be 25 years.