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Go Solar in Orange County and L.A.

Go solar in Orange County and L.A.

Clear the Air – Go Solar in Orange County and L.A.

By going solar, homeowners in the Los Angeles basin have an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint with clean solar energy, ease stress on the electrical grid, and ultimately put less pollution into the air. But the most immediate benefit is that if you go solar in Orange County and the L.A. area, you save money on electricity right away.

We’ve been helping people save with solar in SoCal for longer than many of our customers have been alive. High utility electric rates and the falling cost of solar panels have made going solar in Orange County and Los Angeles more affordable than ever. We’re proud to offer the best solar energy financing options around, including zero down solar in California that locks in a low electricity rate for 20 years, increases your home’s value, and leaves us – not you – responsible for any system problems.

Going solar with us ensures you a customized, professional approach to your needs and a system you can enjoy and depend on for decades. Get started with a free in-home or online solar consultation with the form to the right.

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Satisfied Los Angeles + Orange County Customers


“From start to finish the process was smooth and we felt that we were taken care of. Plans for HOA, installation and start-up were handled very professionally.”

Jukka K.
Orange County, CA

“Couldn’t be happier with the project. Best thing though was my first 3 electric bills…$3.43, $4.28 and $3.21! If you’re looking for a solar solution, these folks do it better than ayone else I talked to or visited.”

Dennis S.
Orange County, CA

“We have not paid a bill for electricity consumption since our installation was completed. One fiscal year Southern California Edison sent me a check for our surplus electricity.”

Oliver S.
Lakewood, CA

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