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Save on Electricity

Save on Electricity Bills With Solar Power

Utility energy rates have been rising for years and with the end of the fossil fuel supply now on the horizon, rates will only continue to rise. With home solar panels from Real Goods Solar, you’ll save on electricity from the day they’re switched on. But why does solar save you so much money on your power bill?

  • While the price of utility electricity continues to rise by about 6-7% annually, solar electricity’s price is low and fixed, insulating you from price hikes, spikes and inflation.
  • Unlike utility power, solar electricity is generated in a simple, self-contained system that doesn’t have costs like harvesting and transporting raw materials and infrastructure maintenance.
  • After a system is set up, it basically takes care of itself while silently generating clean, renewable energy. Most system components last 30+ years, and if you’re a PowerSavings Plan™ customer, we’ll take complete care of your system in the rare instance something does go wrong with it.
  • Government rebates and tax credits are available for most systems in most places, and taking advantage of them is easy because we do the paperwork for you!

Solar power simply works – it’s an elegant, efficient solution for saving money on electricity, year after year.

Save on electricity with solar panels