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Energy Independence

Energy Independence with Solar Power

Energy independence with solar powerSolar power is a very real, accessible path toward energy independence in the United States. While the U.S. continues to consume more energy than it produces, the deficit is falling, and with more and more renewable energy being added to the grid at home, our energy portfolio is becoming cleaner and more sustainable.

Why Do We Care About Energy Independence?

American energy independence (the point at which domestic production eliminates the need to import foreign energy sources) is desirable for several reasons. It would:

  • Improve the stability of Americans’ energy costs
  • Increase the sustainability of our energy portfolio
  • Allow foreign and economic policies to streamline and focus on topical issues without jeopardizing necessary energy pipelines

By taking action to responsibly generate electricity on your own property with solar panels, you are increasing American energy independence with solar power and shielding yourself from unexpected problems and price fluctuations along the way.