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Solar Monitoring

Online Solar Monitoring Lets You Check on System Performance

Once your system is up and running, you might like to check its performance with online solar monitoring software. Simply log in anywhere with an internet connection to see what your system is producing, view its performance history, or check for problems.

If you purchase and own your solar power system, you can choose to add solar monitoring. You might find this helpful for comparing kWh production to utility bill savings or identifying system problems. Or you might just enjoy showing off your system’s real-time data to your friends.

If you’re on a solar PPA or lease, your system will include solar monitoring. Because system performance is guaranteed under leases and PPAs, we’ll need to know if there are any problems. If there are, the solar monitoring software can tell us and we will be able to address the issue.

Solar Monitoring Features

  • 24/7/365 system monitoring
  • Real-time and historical system performance data by day or month
  • Data exports
  • Online data storage
  • Smart phone compatibility


* The specific solar monitoring software used with your system may vary from the screenshot used here.