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Cost of Solar

The Cost of Solar is Measured By More Than Money

The cost of solar is measured by more than moneyCustomers occasionally ask us why they shouldn’t install their solar panels themselves. For the ambitious and handy, it might be tempting to try to achieve a more affordable solar installation this way, but the cost of solar is measured by more than just money. Pricing solar panels, organizing permitting and inspections and filing forms with the city is mentally taxing. Making countless trips up the ladder with materials and tools is physically exhausting. And carrying and wiring heavy solar panels across a roof can be downright dangerous.

In our 30-plus years in business we have mastered all the hurdles a home solar panel installation can present, and our experience offers you a chance to enjoy a smooth, safe transition to solar power.

The Hidden Cost of DIY Solar Installation

  • Real Goods Solar has strong relationships with some of the industry’s best manufacturers, leading to the best possible pricing on our customers’ system components.
  • Your time is valuable. Acquiring construction permits, organizing inspections and filing page after page of rebate paperwork ranges from time-consuming to hair-pulling.
  • Carrying heavy solar panels and other equipment across a steep roof high above the ground is physically and mentally challenging work. Our installers have the training and experience necessary to avoid dangerous accidents.
  • Code compliance from day one maximizes household safety and minimizes costly repairs.
  • Solar rebates and tax credits are available only for systems installed by certified professionals.
  • Your installation has no warranty. Our installation includes a warranty on all system components.
  • Materials in the yard, countless trips up the ladder, stressing over mistakes – you could be looking at weeks of this if your DIY installation hits any snags. With Real Goods Solar, you’re guaranteed a smooth, quick and safe installation.