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The PowerSavings Plan Solar PPA

Start Saving Today With Our PowerSavings Plan™ Solar PPA

The Real Goods Solar PowerSavings Plan offers you the choice of cheaper, cleaner power by providing you with solar electricity as an inexpensive monthly service. If the PowerSavings Plan is available in your state, we can install a solar electric system on your house – but you’ll only pay for the power you draw from it. With this arrangement (known as a power purchase agreement or solar PPA), your electricity will be clean and reliable and your bill will be smaller and predictable. Fight back against rising electricity rates!

Why Use the PowerSavings Plan?

  • Get instant savings with a lower electric bill
  • You could qualify for $0 down*
  • Take advantage of flexible payment terms
  • Lock in your electricity rate for the next 20 years
  • We’ll take complete care of your system
  • You can make a substantial commitment to the environment without breaking the bank or changing your lifestyle
The PowerSavings Plan solar PPA keeps more money in your pocket


*Qualifications vary by state; please ask your sales representative for details.