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Own Your Power

Own Your Power and the System That Produces It

Like most large purchases, buying outright means saving money in the long run by avoiding interest payments. Choosing to purchase and own your solar power system allows your savings on electricity to pay off your investment faster. At first glance, the cost of a system purchase can be pretty daunting, but you can expect it to be whittled down quickly by solar rebates and tax credits. System owners receive that incentive money sooner and in full instead of having it built into a monthly payment.

The following table shows the approximate cost of an average solar electric system in California (5 kW) and how quickly the initial system cost falls. There are frequently additional rebates not included here.

Gross system cost $28,000
Average utility rebate –$2,000
Post-rebate subtotal = $26,000
30% Federal Tax Credit –$7,800
Net system cost = $18,200

Why Own Your Solar Power System?

  • Pay the lowest available electricity rates
  • Get a high return on a safe investment
  • Receive rebate money sooner and all at once
  • After electricity savings have paid off the system, your electricity from it is free!


The up-front payment required to go solar with a system purchase can be drastically reduced – or even eliminated completely – by financing your system with our PowerSavings Plan™.