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Solar Financing

Solar Financing and Buying Options

Own the System AND the Power…

Purchasing and owning your solar equipment is like buying your next 25+ years of electricity at a low, fixed rate – lower than today’s prices, and much lower than future power prices when expected inflation and utility rate increases are factored in. A system purchase requires an up-front investment and provides the lowest electricity rates and best long-term savings.

  • Cash purchase – Own a solar power system customized to your home’s and family’s requirements


…or Use Solar Power as a Monthly Service

Immediately reduce utility bills with little or no up-front cost. With solar financing options like leases and PPAs (power purchase agreements), going solar is simpler and more affordable. We’ll put a solar system on your roof, but you won’t pay for the equipment or installation – you’ll only buy the power it produces, at a monthly rate lower than you’re currently paying. Enjoy the benefits of cheaper, cleaner power at home without the burdens of ownership.

  • Solar PPA – Our solar PPA is called the PowerSavings Plan™ and is a 20-year agreement to buy solar power from the system on your roof at a fixed kWh rate
  • Monthly solar lease – A 20-year lease on your rooftop system during which you make fixed monthly payments, regardless of the amount of power consumed from it
  • Pre-paid solar lease – Paying for your lease up front eliminates financing charges while keeping maintenance and repairs covered


Own the System AND the Power Use
 Solar Power
onthly   Servi
as a
Cash Purchase PPA Monthly Lease PrePaid Lease
Deposit $1,000 $0-$5k $0-$5k $250-$500
Monthly Payment - Yes Yes -1
Incentives Available Yes Yes2 Yes2 Yes2
Insurance + Warranty - Yes Yes Yes
Workmanship Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Performance Guarantee - - Yes Yes
Real-Time Monitoring Available Yes Yes Yes
Years of Power Provided 25+ 20 20 20
Option to Own/Renew - Yes Yes Yes
Increases Home’s Value3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum Credit Score - Yes Yes Yes4
1. You may continue to receive a monthly electric bill depending on your system production and electricity use 2. Certain rebates and incentives will be applied towards the financed cost of the system by the finance company 3. According to 2011 U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study 4. Credit score requirement may be waived