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Customer Reviews + Testimonials

Real Goods Solar Customer Reviews + Testimonials

“Going solar just makes sense to me. The ability to produce our own power and be independent and environmentally responsible was a huge driver for us. I expect that our system will literally and figuratively power our lives.”
Sue R. – Colombia County, NY
“We chose Real Goods Solar to install our Sharp solar panel system because they are simply the best. Their team is the most experienced, with the most technological know-how, and have the best understanding of the rebate programs for solar.”
Rhonda + Nigel – Escondido, CA
“Working with Real Goods Solar was a pleasure from start to finish. My system has worked without a hitch and every now & then I go look at my panel to see how much electricity I’m selling to Xcel Energy and just grin.”
Kate W. – Boulder, CO
“Excellent service, knowledgeable, friendly + courteous staff. Hard to find this level of service these days!”
Julie M. – Lexington, MA
“Everything is running better than expected! We have been producing tons of electricity!! Our electric bill has finally gone negative.”
Robert B. – Murrieta, CA
“From start to finish the process was smooth and we felt that we were taken care of. Plans for HOA, installation and start-up were handled very professionally.”
Jukka K. – Orange County, CA
“I’m really thrilled to see how much electricity my panels generate and to know that I’m doing my bit to contribute to the health and welfare of the planet.”
Lee E. – Amherst, MA
“When (Real Goods Solar) came in and showed us that we could have the system paid off in four years, it was a no brainer. My only regret is that I didn’t do this 10 years ago!”
Jack C. – Somerset County, NJ
“We are very happy to be reducing our carbon footprint with our PV and solar hot water system – and it is nice that the technology blends in so well with our historic houses.”
Anne + David – Weybridge, VT
“I love your company, you guys are great! Praise to Alex Redin for his professionalism and responsiveness. I am happy and surprised at how good looking the system is.”
James H.- Sonoma, CA
“We are very pleased with the solar array you designed for us. We are happy to report that it is producing about 80% of our electrical energy needs. The system has operated problem-free since it was installed.”
Michael E. – Golden, CO
“Our kids see the meter spin backwards, and for them, this is the way you get energy—from the sun. It feels good to have PV on your roof because it’s the right thing to do. And of course we enjoy the huge savings!”
Jeff C. – Greenbrae, CA
“From the design to the structural review to the installation, everything ran really smoothly with this project. It was less than 12 weeks from contract signing to installation. The family is looking forward to watching their meter roll backwards and smaller utility bills.”
Jon R. – Newtown Square, PA
“Our first electric bill after the commissioning was $48. The previous month it was almost $400! Yesterday, 36kWh produced, today 37kWh produced! I love my solar panels.”
Daniel G. – Canton, CT
“Real Goods took care of everything. The installation was done in two days and looks great! One of our friends also just put in a Real Goods system.”
Roy + Rosa – Boulder, CO
“Individual actions toward the use of renewable clean energy sources are what will make a difference in energy independence and a healthy environment. It will take a critical mass of people moving in this direction for the effect to be significant. So I’m glad to support the effort. It’s nice to see the kilowatt meter spin backwards…”
Michael P. – North Sandwich, NH
“The system is exceeding expectations so far. The workmanship is of excellent quality, and the staff was knowledgeable and extremely efficient from the initial estimate through the commissioning of the system. Anyone who cares about the planet should give a system like this serious consideration.”
Tony P. – Middletown, CT
“(Real Goods Solar) took care of everything: design, installation, inspections, and even arranged for the incentive payment from the state of Connecticut that covered half the system cost. My system has taken my electricity bill to zero. Now I’m saving money while helping the environment.”
Mischa F. – Guilford, CT
“Process was smooth and everyone was great!”
David Y. – San Francisco, CA
“I love telling people that for all of 2010 I paid $821.21 for my electricity!”
Mr. + Mrs. S. – Peru, MA
“We’re saving money and doing something we feel great about. And as electricity rates go up, we’ll save even more. Real Goods provided great service and took care of every detail.”
Betsy R. – Marin County, CA
“5 years and 25,000+ kilowatt hours later, our photovoltaic system is working as well today as it was when it was installed. We couldn’t be more happy with our decision to go solar.”
Bob Z. – Bolton, MA
“Going solar was an extremely easy process, and quite fun!”
Mary M. – Berkeley, CA
“In all the years of dealing with contractors, Real Goods Solar was the most positive experience to date.”
Peter + Sallyann – Napa, CA
“Solar energy allows us to stabilize our energy bills and help protect the environment at the same time.”
John L. – Greenwich, NY
“I am pleased to recommend Real Goods Solar. Work was timely and efficient even with rainy conditions.”
Ron M. – Santa Cruz County, CA
“We are quite pleased with the performance of Real Goods Solar (formerly Alteris Renewables) and our photovoltaic array.”
Don H. – Nashua, NH
“Of the decisions to make when starting a new venture — what will work, what will pay off financially — solar was an easy choice.”
Mike B. – Fiddletown, CA
“Each month when I write the check (to the utility) I will feel so much better – maybe I’ll go shopping instead.”
Shelby C. – Bedminster, NJ
“We were very impressed by their professionalism and clear communications of their products and services. We highly recommend them.”
Alice + Bob – San Jose, CA
“As an organic farmer it is important to me to be as naturally sustainable as possible. The new solar system will help us reduce our carbon footprint and save almost $2,000 a year in utility costs.”
Beatrice B. – Hoosick, NY
“Based on the cost of energy now, the estimated savings for us over the next 20 years is potentially $20,000. And we don’t have to pay for any of the maintenance on the system!”
David + Tracy – Essex County, NJ
“I feel happy when I look at the array and know that everything was done right. I believe I got a great bargain with Real Goods. Clearly there’s no organization more experienced with solar photovoltaics.”
Brian M. – Riverside, CA
“We continue to be thoroughly impressed with the PV system that (Real Goods Solar) installed for our residence. The competent and well-versed staff helped us determine our energy needs and then proceeded to design/build a system perfectly suited for our site.”
Elizabeth + Cecil – Waitsfield, VT
“I actually went with Real Goods Solar after doing my own research. I was not referred but I did call a couple folks whom you provided contact info for. We ended up negative ~700kWh for the year so we’ve yet to have a real electric bill. We’ve been quite happy with the system.”
Dave K. – Denver, CO
“Couldn’t be happier with the project. Best thing though was my first 3 electric bills…$3.43, $4.28 and $3.21! If you’re looking for a solar solution, these folks do it better than ayone else I talked to or visited.”
Dennis S. – Orange County, CA
“From preconstruction to final operational checks, (Real Goods Solar) followed through.”
Christopher H. – South Burlington, VT
“Real Goods Solar did a great job installing our solar system; it was a challenging install, but the crew worked very hard to complete the job as promised.”
Suzi R. – Coarsegold, CA

Mark S. – Santa Cruz, CA

Sean – Fairfax, CA

Ward M. – Santa Cruz, CA